3P Accessories

3P Accessories

3P Labels was established in 2011 as a pioneer in the sector. In the first years of its establishment, it served ready-made clothing and home textile manufacturers in and around Istanbul. Our company, which has achieved success in the domestic market of Turkey and in the foreign market in a short time and has gained the admiration of its customers, has managed to become one of the leading and sought-after companies in the sector with its company policy, the service it offers to its customers, solution-oriented approach and accessibility when it is sought.

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3P Accessories

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Woven Elastic Band
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Jacquard Elastic Band
Jacquard Ribbon
Embossed Rubber
Silvery Ribbon and Elastic Band
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3P Accessories


You can access our original designs and production details consisting of hundreds of varieties from our product catalog.

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Friendly Service

The application services you have made are guaranteed under 3P Accessories for it is our first priority that the work we have do meets our client’s needs.

Customer Happiness

Customer satisfaction is as valuable as all the service or product quality you offer as one of the most important elements for the present and future of our company.

Timely Delivery

3P Accessory delivers customer orders on term dates through our production planning.